Telehealth and Telemedicine Changes the Way People Lose Weight

  • April 6, 2020

95% of people prefer to lose weight online telehealth based on a recent study from Medical Weight Loss by Healthogenics.

With modern technology, all the services that took place in our traditional clinics are now offered in the convenience of your own home with the use of highly sophisticated measuring devices that are Bluetooth friendly like testing and monitoring your weight, BMI, Fat %, Blood Pressure, even your AIC levels.

Even your lipotropic injections and medications are now offered to you in a different method that we can ship directly to your home, along with a complete behavioral and educational program offered to you via mobile and computer devices.

It works and has worked for several years for Healthogenics!

Our goal with Medical Weight Loss by Healthogenics is to continue to serve those in need of help with their weight and health. We started working on this for you over 10 years ago when we had so many clinic clients sharing their success with their friends and family out of the area or out of state and had an influx of people wanting our services that lived too far from our locations.

Over time, we developed streamline systems to adapt to the need and now more than ever are people wanting to have the convenience of losing weight at home and receive the medical and nutritional support from our Certified Weight Loss Specialist. So you may ask yourself, how does this process work and how can I possibly be successful at weight loss without being physically held accountable at weekly or monthly face to face sessions. 

Here is our solution:

  1. Just like you would come to our offices to enroll or receive your initial consultation, this is done by a simple thirty-minute screening over the phone with one of our Certified Weight Loss Specialists. During this call, we will review your current medical history, medications, allergies, food preferences, daily lifestyle, and concerns you have with your health and current weight. We also will assess what are your health and weight goals and the approximate time frame we can expect you will reach those goals using the Medical Weight Loss by Healthogenics Programs. Our Online Clients average two to five pounds of weight loss each week.
  2. At the end of your phone assessment and consultation, we will share with you the best solution to your concern and how your personalized program will help you reach your goals. Each program is tailored to your needs and everyone has a different story. We also can provide at this time the cost of your program and how to enroll.
  3. Enrollment is so easy! We have clients enrolling daily using our online weight loss program technology and methods! The online phone consultation can be done using your cell phone. We simply send you the program documents and enrollment paperwork to your email where you can electronically sign using your finger on a mobile device. It is as easy a swipe or touch to the screen. All the details about your specific plan are provided to you before you commit or enroll in the program.
  4. Welcome to the Healthogenics Program! Once you enroll, we will partner you with one of our Certified Weight Loss Specialist. You will connect with one on one weekly using telehealth services. This can be as easy as a weekly follow up phone call or by using face to face telehealth technology. You will receive your personalized food plan to follow and medical supplementation to keep you on track. The food plan includes all food groups that prepare at home or use our cookbook and dining options. You will eat a variety of foods on your program including chicken, turkey, tuna, fish, eggs, cheese, cottage cheese, meats, yogurts, breads, pastas, nuts, oils, and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.
  5. Results – Our clients in the clinic and online average 8-20 pounds each month and you will use technology from home to report your results. It is as simple as using the scale and blood pressure cuff we mail to you to report the data.
We would love to help you reach your weight loss and health goals and by using
our proven system that works you have nothing to lose but weight! 
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