About Us

About Medical Weight Loss by Healthogenics in Birmingham, AL and Atlanta, GA

Celebrating 10 years in Business • Award Winning Results • As Seen on CBS and NBC

Over 35,000 clients In Center & Online with millions of pounds lost

Our knowledgeable and compassionate staff will make your medical weight
loss success our number one priority, providing medical weight loss
programs that offer such essential support as meal plans, weight loss
supplements and counseling, as well as the most advanced treatment
modalities in medical weight loss, such as lipotropic injections.


Changing Your Life

You deserve to live a better life. You do not have to be embarrassed at weddings, class reunions, company functions, vacations, by the pool, or your children’s graduation any more. You do not have to wander is your life is going to be cut short because of your health. Now is the best time of your life to make a change and start living.

Medical Weight Loss has a the meal plans, the weight loss products, and coaching staff to help your reach your goals. Your will love it.

The Medical Weight Loss Team

Medical Weight Loss separates it’s self from the competition because we are medically based. Our Staff includes Doctors, Nurses, Medical Assistants, Nutritionist, Certified Weight Loss Coaches and Physiatrist. The key our teams success is working together to uncover your unique medical and mental issues sourounding your weight loss and creating a comprehensive weight management plan that works.


Weight Management Coaches

Motivation, education, meal planning, and support are what our team of Certified Weight Loss Coaches bring to the table. Both in clinic and online clients will receive the same weekly support and direction. Our successsfull patients constantly remind us that the staff made the difference.

In The News

Medical Weight Loss is making news every day. NBC, CBS, Cumulus Radio, Facebook, Twitter and local news papers are featuring our company and it successes. This month we were very honored to win Best Weight Loss in Gwinnett County, Georiga. Gwinnett County Georiga is one of the largest counties in the state. Last month we were honored with Best Weight Loss in Cullman, Alabama.

Our History

We were founded in 2007 and will celebrate our 10 year annversery in 2017. We have helped over 35,000 clients lose weight and improve their overall health.


Why Choose Medical Weight Loss?

It Works – Simple, fast, and affordable. Most of our client have tried a number of other diets or weight loss programs and have not gotten the results.

Medically Based – We first analyze your health assessment and then provide you a weight management program based on your individual health conditions.

Hunger – Most other weight loss program fail because you get hungry. We have developed special food supplements that will keep you feeling full and not hungry while you are eating real foods on a balanced diet.

Support – We give you professional support each step of the way. Our in clinic and online staff fully understand what you are going through during the weight loss process and will give you the education tools, and motivation to reach your goal weight.