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Our programs ensure the right combination of protein, carbohydrates, fat, fiber and essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs for optimal weight loss success. Our customized weight loss solutions allow blood sugar to maintain normal levels, thus stimulating certain fat burning hormones for optimal fat loss.

Our flexible meal plans increase metabolism and energy, decrease body fat, prevent muscle loss, and enhance the glycemic control. You will eat three meals per day of fresh food items to ensure proper nutrition while losing weight.

Our programs are successful because each plan is customized for each individual. You are a unique individual and your body requires a unique nutritional formula for healthy and effective weight loss. We can show you the way to healthy and effective weight loss that works for your body and your lifestyle.

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* Each patient is unique and individual results may vary.

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2020,
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Medical Weight Loss By Healthogenics
“Best Weight Management Program”

BSA 2021 Winner

Services We Offer

  • Medical Weight Loss Programs
  • Semaglutide Rx Weight Loss Programs
  • Tirzepatide Rx Weight Loss Programs
  • Wegovy, Ozempic, and Zepbound (may be available with qualifying insurance)
  • Phentramine Weight Loss Programs
  • FDA Approved Laser & Body Contouring Treatments
  • Aesthetic Injectables
  • Lipotropic B12 Injectables
  • Lipotropic B12 Vitamin Patches
  • Hormone Balancing Programs
  • Cellulite Reduction Laser Treatments
  • FDA Approved Laser Lipo Treatments
  • Body Fat Composition Analysis and Testing
  • Lab Testing including Metabolic Health, Cellular Health, Food Sensitivity, Vitamin, Mineral, & Gut Health
  • Tailored Weight Loss Programs for Men and Women – Regular Food Programs and Meal Replacement Programs
  • Tailored Weight Loss Programs for Teens
  • Nutrition Programs for Children age 4 and up
  • Maintenance Programs
  • Nutrition Consulting
  • Nutraceutical Programs


Wow, what can I say but awesome! Dee at Medical Weight Loss in Lawrenceville has been excellent to work with. I went to my first consultation on June 22 and prior to that I had tried many ways to lose weight. Nothing worked. What Dee discussed with me just made sense and I decided to start the program right away. Within a few months into my journey I am down 35 pounds and feeling great. My knees no longer are hurting and I feel so much better. It’s always nice too when others recognize your weight loss and compliment you on it. I have another 40 pounds to go but am confident with Dee’s weekly coaching that I will achieve my goal of losing 75 pounds overall. I would urge you to take the first step, you deserve to look fantastic!

Ron Ording

I’ve tried losing weight through other programs or on my own but nothing worked. I decided to give this clinic a try because of all the positive reviews and it was a life changing decision! I’ve been working with Dee at the Lawrenceville location for 2+ months and I’m down 40lbs already!! I like that I lost weight, I’m never hungry, and I’m more conscious of what foods I eat. Dee is a great source of information for foods that I should be eating or food combinations. To me, this is the most important thing they help you with because it helps you keep the weight off. I highly recommend them!

Francisco Villalobos

I can't say enough about the excellent service my wife and I have received from Dee. We are well on our way to achieving our goals of a healthy lifestyle thanks to her. She is always responsive when we have questions and her knowledge and insight are extremely helpful. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a weight loss program.

Kevin Walker

I recommend this place to everyone who is overweight or who is trying to lose weight because I’ve always been overweight and always wanted to lose weight but I could cuz I would lose weight and gain it back quick. But ever since joining medical weight loss in Lawrenceville I lost 72lbs in like 5 months and I feel better and lighter then ever before and Dee helps you along the way she makes it easier and makes it feel like it’s not a real diet so I recommend this place b cause it change my life and it will change yours as well.

Isaac Mazariego

I have been in this program for almost 2 months. It’s working wonderfully as I am losing weight (over halfway to my goal), have plenty of food to choose from, and always feel full. The staff is professional, knowledgeable, and feel like family. The plan is easy to follow. I can make healthier meals now for my whole family which is one reason I chose MWL. I really wanted to learn about food, serving sizes, and the way our bodies process different foods and supplements. I can eat out and at home. I’m completely satisfied with the program and could not be happier. I cannot say enough about how amazing this program is and the positive impact it’s having on my life.

Christi Bailey

Prior to joining Medical Weight Loss (MWL) in June 2019, I was an over weight, border-line diabetic individual with critical health issues. I have tried several different diets with no success. I have even been labeled a "diet dropout." Needless to say, my weight gain became so critical to my health and well-being that my doctor recommended gastric bypass surgery.

While pondering alternatives with my husband, we looked up and there was an advertisement on Channel 11 for Medical Weight Loss by Healthogenics. We called immediately and scheduled consultation. We were greeted by very friendly and professional staff members, Ingra and Veronica at the Lawrenceville office. After my initial assessment, a program was set up within budget range.

The best decision I made was scheduling that appointment with MWL. Since then, I have been losing weight consistently and nearing my goal. MWL have taught me how to change my eating habits towards a healthier lifestyle using real food and never feeling hungry. They also provide a comprehensive dining out lists (updated periodically) highlighting acceptable dishes from which to chose from. Not to mention, the awesome support that is received from Darla (Dee) and the entire staff. If you are contemplating weight loss, I highly recommend being and feeling at home with the Lawrenceville staff.

Georgia Bryden

I've been using MWL now for a number of months and have nothing but great things to say about them. Overall, I've been able to loose around 65 pounds with the help of MWL. For me, the regular support and coaching from the folks here is what's been key for my weight loss success.

The overall program that I used I felt was tailored to me based on a number of factors (weight goal, medical conditions, etc...) all developed from a in-depth consultation at the start of the program. Everything as part of the program was easy to understand and follow. I also found that I wasn't having to "starve" myself like you would with a diet program would because you learn to make better choices in the food that you eat.

MWL has been probably the best choice I've personally made when it's come to my health. Between the experience with MWL as well as the results I was able to attain, their my top recommendation for anyone I come across that wants results with weight loss.

Andrew Gray

I am a registered nurse and I am usually skeptical of weight loss centers. This one is entirely different. With this program you are eating normal food in combinations that encourage your body to function more efficiently. You weigh on your own scale that is part of the program and it calculates weight, body fat, body water, muscle mass, bone mass, and BMI. You learn how what you eat, even in small amounts, can change each of these numbers. I have lost 13 pounds in a little over 3 weeks. The staff is well educated and super friendly and encouraging! If you are looking for a weight loss center this is the one that teaches life changing ways of eating that will last, so you will not gain it all back.

Jean Benford

Medical Weightloss has been an eye opening journey for me! I have lost 40 pounds with them and have learned so much about what I was doing wrong and right with my eating habits. I have developed a personal relationship with many of the counselors in the office and I really feel their support and interest in my success. They give me alternatives when something isn't working, try to stimulate and help me maintain my motivation. Create positive and creative ways for me to stay on track and help me set realistic goals. I've tried many, many times to lose weight and I have been very successful with their plan and strategy.

Jennie Galbraith

I discovered MWLS on a “Best of Gwinnett” list and decided to give them a try. After meeting with the clinic director, Lauren, I was sold. She and the program director, Dee, designed a comprehensive plan that aligns with my goals and lifestyle. Excellent, friendly service; the staff is very knowledgeable and supportive. I’ve lost almost 40 lbs. in about 3.5 months. Highly recommend this weight loss center.

Dave Bruce

I was over weight border line diabetic, feeling sick and tired. I was not able to do simple things like tying my shoes. Didn't realize the damage I was doing to my body by not eating properly. The program has been a guide an education towards a healthful lifestyle. I have lost over 75lbs in 14 weeks. Thanks to the team at Lawrenceville office.

Abigail Velasquez

MWL has helped me so much, not only in loosing weight but helping me to lower my A1C level. I am now taking lower doses of insulin. I am almost a my weight loss goal. Mary and Lauren have been so supportive and are a great resource when I have questions. You guys are the greatest. Many thanks. Loretta Chavez

Loretta Dontknow

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