Vevazz Contouring


Vevazz laser lipo technology is FDA registered for use in treating obesity.

Lose 7-23 inches of Fat in 42 days
Lose 2-5 dress or pant sizes in 42 days
Zero Drugs, Zero Surgery, Zero Pain

Lose Inches in your first treatment – Guaranteed Results!

Vevazz – A new FDA Approved generation machine that uses laser technology to reduce love handles, tummy bulge and saddlebags after a few treatments.


The FDA Approved, Non Invasive laser technology can help you

• Reduce Fat
• Reduce Stretch Marks
• Skin Shrinkage
• Lose Inches
• Eliminate Cellulite
• Spot Reduction
• Chin “Tucks” with chin fat
• Eliminate Muffin Tops Easily and Effortlessly


These treatments are also ideal for patients who want to be healthy but lack motivation because they do not see visible results. Vevazz helps these people see results that allow them to stay motivated or maintain their healthy lifestyle choices.


Where it can all be used

• Stretch marks
• Skin reduction
• Spot reduce
• Body sculpting
• Pain and Inflammation
• Body Contouring
• Cellulite
• Laser-Like Lipo


What is Vevazz?

Vevazz is a machine that performs safe, pain-free and non-invasive treatment that is used to contour the body and spot reduction. Clients who experience difficulty reducing love handles, tummy bulge and saddlebags will see a noticeable reduction after a few treatments. The machine targets fat (adipose) tissue through the skin. The treatment session lasts for seven minutes for each area that is treated.

The results of the treatment are seen in the differences of the body contour and a decrease in the body’s circumference measurements. To achieve the best results, clients should combine additional treatments with cardio activities after the treatment sessions. Studies prove that clients who live a healthy lifestyle, a good diet, and regular exercise, will see the best results. Clients with a sluggish metabolism report that their bodies go through a reinvigoration.

How Does Vevazz Work to Shrink Fat Cells?

Vevazz uses laser technology to penetrate the patient’s skin. When the light is set to a specific coherence, frequency and power setting, the fat cells absorb the electromagnetic energy. When the fat cells absorb enough energy, transitory pores begin to form on the surface. The energy causes free fatty acids, glycerol, and water to leak out of the fat cells. Using the body’s natural cleansing system, the cells are released into the bloodstream and eliminated. This process is similar to what occurs when you exercise.

Vevazz treatments result in fat cells that are smaller, causing inch loss, fat loss and minimizing the appearance of cellulite.

What Kind of Results are Produced?

12.25 inches AVERAGE. The most lost in 18 sessions is 23 inches. People who make minor lifestyle changes are on the higher end of the average and those who don’t, the lower end.


Is Vevazz Safe?

Vevazz laser technology is FDA registered for use in treating obesity. The treatment is non-invasive, and patients do not feel any discomfort. Patients only feel a warm sensation. For more than 30 years, the device’s low-level technology has been used and studied for biomedical purposes. The only known side effects of Vevazz is weight loss. Vevazz is completely safe to use.


Do Patients Have to Do Other Things?

Patients will have to undergo significant lifestyle changes to achieve greater fat loss results (8 to 23 inches). A minor fat loss of three to seven inches can occur with a minor lifestyle change in about three weeks.


What is Involved in Vevazz?

Initially, people will need to undergo three sessions for three weeks. Each session lasts for one hour. Patients get to relax while a trained light technician places four paddles on the target areas. The vibrating platform helps with the lymphatic drainage.


Where Does the Fat Go?

The fat is burned as energy through metabolic processing. It is similar to how we get rid of fat by exercising.


How Quickly Will Patients See Results from Vevazz?


97% of clients see measureable results after their first session.


Who can all do it?

Most people can use the FDA approved laser lipo device.
There are a few people who cannot use the laser device and we will medically screen you at your first visit and let you know if you are ineligible. Otherwise, assume you can.

Are there other benefits?

Yes, there are potential Health and Wellness Benefits
• 400,000+ people die from Heart Disease
• 200,000+ people die from Diabetes complications – Both of these have obesity as a major contributing factor
• Arthritis affects 1 in 2 Adults – Obesity is again, a major contributing factor

So if you were less obese, we are told all the time, lose weight, and your risk goes down.

There are no studies to show if this produced health benefits.
But since the mechanism of action is just like that of exercise, I believe you will see health benefits from losing fat with the laser Lipo as well.

People with Diabetes can do this program safely, as long as they measure their blood sugar levels before and after.

Most Diabetics end up using less insulin, after they do the 9 session program.

Psychological benefits as well, imagine what you will feel like, when you look and feel better, when people make comments about how great you look?



What are my Alternatives?

Lipo Suction Surgery
• Cost – $4,500 to $10,000
• 1 week off work for recovery v • Follow up skin removal surgery – $2,000
• Fat gets stored in weird places after lipo
• Risks- Scarring to Death
• Some cannot even do it because of meds
• Lumpy and choppy results

Lap Band – Similar risks and cost to lipo – but no guaranteed results, you still have to eat less and exercise

Gastric Bypass – Similar risks and cost to lipo – but you have to eat A LOT less, and if you don’t, you could literally die from over eating.

Dangerous Drugs – Again, similar risks to lipo – but even more possible side effects. EVERY SINGLE DRUG that has ever been FDA approved, and been on the market long enough, has been riddled with long term side effects, never known when the FDA first approved it.

How Do I Get Started with Vevazz?

If you live in Alabama or Georgia in the communities of Atlanta, Gainsesville, Lawrenceville, Roswell, Birmingham, Cullman or Huntsville, and you want to learn more about our non invasive laser lipo, please contact us at 1-800-668-5211 today or come by one of our offices to schedule a free consultation. You will love the results!

You have nothing to lose but the FAT!