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TrustDale Endorses Medical Weight Loss by Healthogenics
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our three phase program

weight loss

Your Medical Weight Loss starts with a personalized program designed specifically for you that provides you with:

  • Delicious meal and dining options
  • Physician – recommended injections and supplements
  • Personal consultations and weekly follow up appointments


This begins when you have achieved your weight loss goal. This is where many other weight loss programs end which is why they always fail.

  • Updated meal and dining options
  • Depending less on medical appetite suppressants, injections, and any other form of weight control
  • Personal consultations and weekly follow up appointments


You will learn how to make healthy choices in difficult situations.

  • Tools and support you need for the next twelve months
  • Weekly visits with specialist
  • Customized maintenance program, which is designed around your new metabolism and current weight

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Lose Up To
In 10 Weeks Starting at $37 each Per Week
Lose Between
In 15 Weeks Starting at $53 each Per Week
Lose Between
In 20 Weeks Starting at $61 each Per Week

Pricing per week is based on the monthly payment price minus the estimated food savings according to the USDA divided by 4 weeks per month. Our clients typically save $100 per month, or $25 per week by just eliminating one snack, drink or dessert per day.