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Women and men differ significantly in their patterns of excessive weight gain. Our team of expert specialists at Medical Weight Loss by Healthogenics are familiar with the differences.

Our team understands what inspires weight loss success in women specifically and what it takes to influence women to focus on healthy weight management.

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* Each patient is unique and individual results may vary.


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* Each patient is unique and individual results may vary.

The Emotional Factor

Self-esteem is closely tied to one’s personal appearance, as well as to one’s body image. For women who suffer from obesity or excessive weight gain, there is a constant battle to uphold one’s self-esteem to feel truly attractive as a woman and to enjoy the ability to wear stylish, sexy clothing. This factor naturally affects our happiness and quality of life and may even influence such conditions as anxiety, insecurity, low self-esteem, isolation and avoidance of certain social situations.

Benefits of Weight Loss in Women

In addition to obtaining the figure you’ve always wanted, losing excess weight can actually improve a woman’s life in dozens of significant ways. Attaining and maintaining a healthy weight improves hundreds of health conditions that affect women. Most women who successfully lose weight also enjoy increased energy levels, a more satisfying sex life, increased self-esteem and a longer life expectancy. Statistics have shown that a woman’s healthy eating and lifestyle habits will influence her family and loved ones to also make healthier food and lifestyle choices.

Thousands of women have lost weight on our Medical Weight Loss by Healthogenics programs, no matter their age. A change in hormones, either from pregnancy or menopause, can affect the way that your body gains and loses weight, but Medical Weight Loss by Healthogenics can help! We offer customized programs with several menu options, meal planning, restaurant guides and delicious ready-to-eat meals to help you stay focused on your weight loss goals even with your busy schedule. Many women have shared with us on their initial visit that they have tried everything and have come to the conclusion that their bodies just will not give up the weight. These same women were astounded with how quickly they were able to lose the weight they thought they were stuck with forever.

Pricing per week is based on the monthly payment price minus the estimated food savings according to the USDA divided by 4 weeks per month. Our clients typically save $100 per month, or $25 per week by just eliminating one snack, drink or dessert per day

* Each patient is unique and individual results may vary.

Health Factors

There are a plethora of health conditions in women that are exacerbated by obesity and excessive weight gain, such as hypertension, insomnia and a series of hormonal factors that may be affected by eating an unhealthy diet. Obesity in women also raises your risk during pregnancy for both mother and baby. By correcting unhealthy eating habits and incorporating physical activity and exercise into your daily life, you will naturally extend your life expectancy while improving your quality of life on all levels.

What Does Healthogenics Offer for Women Who Want to Lose Weight?

Medical Weight Loss by Healthogenics for women provides comprehensive nutritional programs that are tailored to each individual to ensure adequate nutrition while you eliminate body fat. Our weight loss programs include weekly consultations with our trained experts to review your eating habits and seek ways to enhance your nutrition while reducing caloric intake by creating customized meal plans. Our weight loss programs provide our clients with the learning tools necessary to reprogram their thinking so as to naturally make smarter and healthier food and lifestyle choices.


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