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Studies have shown that school-age children are more likely to be bullied if they are overweight. This can lead to a series of difficulties for the developing child, both in terms of physical health and emotional and psychological factors. If you are concerned about childhood obesity or excess weight gain in your child, consider a Healthogenics weight loss program designed specifically to help children.

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* Each patient is unique and individual results may vary.

About Our Children’s Program

We offer comprehensive nutrition programs that ensure adequate nutrition while your child loses body fat. They will meet weekly with our trained staff to review their eating patterns and also to review our “fun and friendly” learning tools to help them better understand healthy eating habits in a positive and child-friendly way.

Our children’s lesson plans have been developed by our nutritionists to make learning fun while your child gets healthy. All of our lesson plans are customized to meet your child’s nutrition and caloric needs. We often refer to our children program as a nutrition program rather than as a weight loss program because we want to ensure that weight loss is not their main focus, but more importantly that they are getting healthy and becoming educated about nutrition and making better food choices.

The Emotional Factors

Studies have confirmed feelings of loneliness, isolation and poor body image in kids who are overweight or suffer from childhood obesity. One small study in the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that obese children actually score their quality of life as low as children receiving cancer treatment. For these children, it is imperative that their obesity and excessive weight gain is treated and that they learn to control their own weight management by making smarter and healthier food choices.

Health Factors

In addition to issues such as sleep apnea and in some extreme cases, rises in blood pressure and blood sugar, a child's risk of contracting adverse health conditions increases dramatically when the child is overweight or obese. Additionally, children who develop unhealthy eating habits in childhood tend to continue those unhealthy habits throughout life. In order to offer your child the best advantage and opportunity for optimal health, it is essential that you help him or her overcome their childhood obesity or excessive weight gain. Helping your child with their condition will also improve their overall quality of life and set them up for a healthier future.

Psychological Factors

One study showed that overweight children miss school more often than normal-weight kids. Obese children who are bullied often feel distressed and make excuses to avoid attending school, sometimes exhibiting hypochondriac symptoms. Increased absences lead to poorer grades. And as a result, of this pattern the child's self-esteem continues to spiral downward.

Kids who are bullied tend to avoid competitive environments, such as gyms and playgrounds. They may shy away from sports because they are embarrassed by how they look or may feel uninterested in physical activity. This can make it harder for the child to lose weight and sets up a dangerous situation for future health problems.

Teasing and bullying are linked with chronic dieting, poor body image, restrictive eating, binge eating and bulimic behaviors. Many children even attempt suicide as a result of harassment at school or in other social settings. A recent study showed that overweight children, even those who merely believed they were overweight, are at a greater risk for suicide attempts.


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