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Patti Gulledge

Patti Gulledge joined our company in September as the Center Director for Medical Weight Loss by Healthogenics with over 12-year experience in the weight loss industry as and certified weight loss counselor to a certified health coach. She has also been the center director for over 12 years with other weight loss companies. She has personally helped thousands of clients lose weight and keep it off. Patti takes pride in ensuring all of her staff members are equipped with the knowledge, processes, and expertise to help clients succeed with their weight loss
efforts alongside overseeing the successful operations and flow of the Hoover Center.
Patti’s experience in management and operations exceeds from the Medical Weight Loss by Healthogenics role, as she spent 15 years as a retail Management with Casual Corner and Cracker Barrel Gift Shop. She said her last 12 year as a manager with weight loss has been the most rewarding because being able to help change peoples lives to being happier and healthier.
Patti takes pride in every client that walks into the Hoover Center looking for help as she also lost 50 lbs with a program very similar to Medical Weight Loss by Healthogenics. She did not understand the problems that people face being overweight until she found the scale climbing herself at age 41. She has never thought it would happen to her, but she went through menopause early, and the scale just became a big battle. She then started the roller coaster ride of weight loss. She was mortified when she realize that she was 50 lbs overweight. It wasn’t until she did a program with one on one counseling that she discovered that weight loss is not a destination but a journey to healthy living. It was with the help of a plan eating real food for her meals, one on one counseling and accountability, and also having herbs and vitamin support to make her weight loss phase easier. The most important phase was definitely the Stabilization and Maintenance phases by teaching and educating her what a healthy balance meant. Patti has learned how to have a healthy balance with eating and exercise. She started speed walking two years ago and now can run 5 miles. When you ask Patti what healthy eating means she will tell you that eating a balance every day is not optional, it’s just like breathing for her. So call or come by the Hoover Center today so we ca help you with your journey to healthy living!